7 Activities to Cure Toddler Winter Boredom

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January 10, 2016
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7 Activities to Cure Toddler Winter Boredom

Do you have Q-Tips. paper and paint? Blue construction paper works best if you use white paint for winter scenes, but any paper & paint color will do. Pour paint into small pools on a paper plate and encourage your toddler to dip the Q-Tips into the paint and then create a winter scene! You can do dot-dot snowmen, or dot-dot trees or just let your toddler be creative and use her imagination!


Have a pine tree? Find pine cones on a walk? Gather them up and bring them inside. Now, grab some various colors of yarn, or thin fabric scraps, ribbon or pipe cleaners and work on your child’s fine motor skills by wrapping and twisting the various string and scraps around the pine cones to make them pretty enough to leave in a bowl on your counter. Later Mom can spray them with cinnamon spray or oil to make fresh smelling potpourri!

Have a bag of marshmallows? Large and small? Dump them into a Rubbermaid bin and make a marshmallow sensory bin, hide toys and such underneath and make believe you and your child are digging for treasure in the snow. Best part is, you can eat the marshmallows during play and then toss them when you’re done.

Have a muffin tin? Cut different colored circles out of paper and place them at the bottom of each muffin cup, or simply use colored cupcake wrappers if you have those on hand. Grab any colored toys, small balls, buttons, beads or even crayons and sort them into the correct slots to work on color matching.

What toddler doesn’t love the Disney movie Frozen? Why not make some Frozen jello “ice cubes”. Check out this easy recipe HERE.

One of my favorites for when there IS snow on the ground and you want to head outside with your toddler is…Kool-Aid snow paint! All you need are several packs of 25 cent Kool-Aid in different flavors (colors), empty spray bottles or ketchup squirt bottles. Add water and Kool-Aid to each bottle to make 3-4 different bottles of different colors and head out into the snow to create some snow art. Provides hours of fun!

snow paint

What mom of a toddler doesn’t own a box of Cheerios? Grab a few pipe cleaners and work on those fine motor skills by stringing Cheerios onto the pipe cleaners. When each pipe cleaner is almost full, twist the ends to make a circle and grab some string or ribbon and go hang your tiny bird feeders outside and observe nature taking its course with your little ones!