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TEIS Therapists are all employees, not independent contractors. Our Therapists will listen to your concerns, assess your child’s individual needs, develop a customized treatment plan, and educate you along the way on simple solutions to maximize your child’s development that incorporate his or her natural environment and routines. TEIS Therapists will build strong relationships with you and your child based on mutual respect. Your trust and confidence, along with your child’s progress, are TEIS’ top priorities


TEIS Therapists consistently exceed the minimum of 24 hours of continuing education courses each year. Therapists travel all over the country to attend specialized seminars. Transfer of knowledge to the entire TEIS team is accomplished through bi-weekly, inter-disciplinary trainings presented by our therapists and local experts. Inter-disciplinary mentoring is integral to our education formula. All therapists are current with their Pennsylvania certifications and discipline licenses


TEIS has been providing Early Intervention Services to families in Southwestern Pennsylvania since 2004. The founders of TEIS are both therapists. Approximately 40% of all families that choose a provider in Allegheny County choose TEIS, making TEIS the #1 parent requested provider in Pittsburgh. Families hear about TEIS from family, friends, daycare staff, other therapists in the home, doctors and other medical professionals.


TEIS therapists have demonstrated expertise in a range of diagnoses and developmental areas including, but definitely not limited to: Infant Massage, Autism, Feeding, Sensory Processing, Premature Births, Torticollis, Vision, Evaluations, Gross and Fine Motor, Play Skills and Behavior.


"There is no question in my mind that the therapy our son received from TEIS
was instrumental in eliminating his torticollis."

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Once your child has qualified for early intervention services, you will be asked to choose an Early Intervention therapy provider.
TEIS continues to earn a 99.99% excellence rating from the families we serve.

Ensure your child receives the highest quality care and the provider with the most well-trained and supported therapists. CHOOSE TEIS!

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