Physical Therapy – Community Collaboration

Community Connections

  • TEIS physical therapists have a broad range of connections and resources in many communities depending on need in order to support our families. We provide recommendations or referrals when needed to organizations such as Reagan’s Journey, Go Baby Go! Beverly’s Birthdays, The Free Store, Variety the Children’s Charity of Pittsburgh, and Jeremiah’s Place to name a few.
  • TEIS physical therapists’ partner with many resources for parents within the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas in order to provide care to our communities and additional support to our families. They are educated on ways to collaborate with parent resources in order to provide our family and families within the community the best care. The Genesis House of Pittsburgh allows TEIS physical therapists to provide monthly in-services to expectant and new mothers, allowing screenings and early collaboration if further supports through Early Intervention services are needed. During these collaborations therapists and parents are able to discuss any developmental concerns as well as provide listening support to parents. TEIS physical therapists collaborate with TEIS occupational therapists to run a Parents Supporting Parents support group, allowing support for families after sessions. Physical therapists at TEIS collaborate with Kids Plus Pediatrics New Mom’s Coffee group to provide Q and A sessions monthly to discuss motor skills and any developmental concerns, making referrals as needed for Early Intervention services. Recently, TEIS physical therapists are also leading a Facebook group for families with torticollis, plagiocephaly, and brachycephaly allowing parents to support parents through the experience with therapist feedback.

Daycares and Learning Centers

  • Why we collaborate with daycares and learning centers?
    • Some children spend many hours per week with caregivers at daycares or learning centers.  It is important that the therapists of children receiving services from TEIS early intervention understand the child’s daily routine when they are present at daycare/learning centers.  This collaboration between professionals (therapists and teachers) on how best to incorporate strategies and interventions into the child’s daily routine is imperative in order to help the child to achieve their full potential.
  • How we collaborate with daycares and learning centers?
    • Along with parents and at-home caregivers, teachers are also experts on the child and the child’s daily routine.  Therapists collaborate with teachers at daycares and learning centers by coming into the classroom, talking to the teachers, and observing the child performing his/her daily routine in the classroom.  We are also able to communicate with teachers via a Zoom call videoconference or telephone call.  Therapists recommend therapeutic strategies for the child by modeling, demonstrating, and presenting them for the teachers to use with that child throughout the day.  Teachers can give the therapists input as to what strategies and interventions are successful and which ones need to be modified.  They can then problem solve together and collaborate as a team to find what therapeutic interventions work best for that child in the daycare/learning center environment.
  • When do we collaborate with daycares and learning centers?
    • Anytime a child is attending a daycare or learning center, therapists like to collaborate with the teachers/caregivers in that setting.  It is important that the strategies and interventions are utilized in all environments that the child will be in.  The best outcomes are achieved when all caregivers are on the same page with interventions and early intervention services.

Pediatricians and Specialists

  • TEIS physical therapists (PT) work with pediatricians and specialists in Allegheny county and the surrounding areas. At TEIS, we believe that one of the most important parts of ensuring a child’s success is collaboration between team members. At the start of services, TEIS therapists send the pediatrician a letter notifying them of the family’s goals and strategies being used to help the family and child succeed. In addition to pediatricians, TEIS PTs work and collaborate with outpatient therapists, craniofacial clinic, orthotist companies, and doctors, included but not limited to neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychologists/psychiatrists.
  • TEIS physical therapist’s partner with pediatrician offices providing in-services on the importance of gross motor development and seeking early treatment through early intervention for torticollis. Children with torticollis may be seen to address developmental delay, neck flexibility and strength, positioning to improve head shape, and referring to craniofacial clinic or an orthotist for helmet therapy if needed.
  • TEIS physical therapist regularly participate in in-services regarding evaluations and treatment techniques centered around research and clinical practice. TEIS physical therapists are educated on when to refer families to other specialties to help best meet the needs of the families and children that we serve. TEIS physical therapists are educated and knowledgeable in all areas of development. We work closely with other therapy disciplines to provide an interdisciplinary approach to treating the child’s needs. If a child is referred to another specialty, TEIS physical therapists will write a letter to the doctor providing pertinent information on the child’s development and any questions or concerns that are present.

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