Did you know that TEIS offers social work services?

Our social workers can help your family with counseling related to a variety of topics including children with special needs, domestic issues, financial issues, housing, mental health & much more. They can also act as a liaison between other caseworkers or services your family is receiving.

Does My Child Need a Social Worker?

In Early Intervention Support, the role of a social worker is to provide a variety of services geared to the special needs of children and their families.  In this role, the social worker acts as an adjunct to evaluators and therapists.

Services provided may include, but are not limited to:

  • Consultation in areas of parent and child interaction, family dynamics, mental health, domestic violence, and crisis intervention.
  • Consultation with Early Intervention therapists related to infant and toddler development and family needs.

Social Work Services for Children from 0-3 Years Old

At TEIS, our focus is on early intervention for children from 0-3 years old.  A Social Worker can provide complete family assessments and referrals to appropriate Early Intervention and other services.  He or she also acts as a liaison between the family and Early Intervention Therapists, or between family, therapists, and other health, mental health, and social services providers. In this way a Social Worker helps assure a comprehensive, family-centered approach to Early Intervention.