DV Therapy – Community Collaboration

Parent Resources and Charities

  • TEIS Developmental therapist partner with a variety of resources in the Pittsburgh Community. The referrals we make for each child will be different based on the child’s individual needs. We often link families to services to meet the family’s needs such as referrals for medical equipment, housing needs, or educational supplies.
  • Parents who receive early intervention may need support from other families whose children have similar diagnoses. TEIS developmental therapists partner with the parent to parent network to connect families with one another. We also utilize the Autism connection of Pittsburgh to help families find appropriate support groups. TEIS has developed online support groups for parents which occur throughout the year.

Daycares and Learning Centers

  • TEIS developmental therapists will partner with any childcare center that the family sees fit for their child to attend. Services can be provided in the daycare to support the child and assist teacher in determining the best way to encourage a child to learn. We may spend time adapting materials or environments so educational appropriate for children. We may also provide information to a childcare staff on the child’s individualized Family Service plan when appropriate. TEIS provides trainings for childcare centers for teachers to earn their continuing education credits.
  • Children medical needs may need additional support in order to attend a child care center. TEIS developmental therapists have working relationships with childcare centers that provide childcare as well as full time nursing to children. As therapists, we often help families to connect these centers and enroll their children when appropriate.

Medical Specialists

  • TEIS developmental therapists collaborate with a variety of medical professionals to meet your child’s needs. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has extensive specialist teams who are willing to team with families and their TEIS therapists in order to create a plan that will best meet your child. With a family’s permission, TEIS developmental therapists work hard to develop relationships with your child’s primary care doctors so that information flows easily. This collaboration is vital to provide your child with the best opportunities to learn during their time in early intervention.
  • TEIS developmental therapists work along side the Children Development Unit at Children’s Hospital and Autism Center of Pittsburgh in order to help understand each child’s individual needs. TEIS developmental therapists are often asked to provide information for assessments in order to get a full picture of a child for a developmental screening or evaluation. Therapists are there to support families through the process of understanding complex diagnosis and providing resources for wrap around services. TEIS developmental therapists can help to set up behavioral health rehabilitation services and work with behavior teams to create a smooth transition when children age out of early intervention. We often refer families to the Autism Connection of Pittsburgh for their care giver support classes to learn more information on how to support their children who have recently been diagnosed with Autism.

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