Choosing Shoes for Toddlers

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Choosing Shoes for Toddlers

By Paula Casey at Walsh Brother’s Shoes

The moment your child takes her first steps are exceptional moments that will long live in your memory. It’s a significant moment and probably one of the first major steps towards some small element of independence at that age. Preparing for that moment is equally important because you can hamper their progression through lack of understanding of how their feet develop at that age. Ensure to get professional advice on the matter and only buy pre-walking shoes that will definitively support your child’s feet and not hamper it in any way. The guys at Walsh Brother’s Shoes have put together this infographic below which outlines everything you need to know about choosing shoes for a toddler. Check it out!

Most babies walk between the ages of 9 months and 18 months. If your baby isn’t walking by around age 16 months please give TEIS Early Intervention a call to schedule a physical therapy evaluation. Remember, learning to walk is like learning to ride a bike…it’s hard to let go, especially for babies who are fast crawlers, good cruisers and those who are are just a little too afraid to let go of your hand!

**Note: Walsh Brother’s Shoes is in Ireland but ships shoes world wide.