Toddler on Sliding Board“The terrible twos” are frequently used to describe toddler’s behavioral outbursts, defiance, and temper tantrums. It’s a time where children begin to assert their independence and test limits in their day to day environments. Every toddler will enter this stage, and although it may seem like forever, every toddler will eventually grow out of these behaviors. How do you know when your child’s behaviors go beyond that of a typical toddler?

Does your child get aggressive? Sometimes hitting, pushing and biting are the most challenging behaviors to stop in small children. Tantrums in the grocery store checkout line? They don’t need to be happening every week. How do I get them to clean up their toys? These questions, along with others, can be answered with the help of a Developmental Specialist.

At TEIS, each Developmental Specialist is trained in why behaviors occur and how to better minimize the challenges so your family can travel throughout your daily routines tantrum free. Also, at TEIS, we focus on helping children relate to one another and their families. The Developmental Specialist can help make playground trips, sibling play time, and visits with friends conflict free. We help children and parents alike understand the expectations and consequences of their actions and how it affects others. This way, parents can spend more time interacting and enjoying time with their children and less time using discipline in the home and childcare settings.