Toddler Social Skills Development

A child’s temperament often defines how children interact and socialize with others. Some children are described as shy and others outgoing. We work on teaching our children social boundaries, manners, and how to greet others, but not every child gains these skills at the same rate. Some children choose to not interact with others while out in public, but are very interested in playing with others in their home environment.

When should children be playing with one another? What happens if my child is too shy to leave me at the playground? What if my child doesn’t understand the difference between familiar adults and strangers? How do I teach my child to interact with others, while also maintaining boundaries between safe and dangerous?

TEIS Developmental Specialists can provide information on how to help children socialize with one another and when to provide peer interactions. Developmental Therapy will incorporate ideas such as joint attention, shared play experiences, and turn taking between caregivers and children. As every therapist at TEIS is trained specifically in enhancing the relationship between caregiver and child, TEIS Developmental Specialists incorporate these social skill building exercises into the family’s daily routines including mealtimes, shopping trips, and family outings.

If you notice that your child is having a hard time interacting with others, even though his or her language is developing, please request a developmental specialist to assist in your child’s social development.