Toddler playing with colorful dough toyFine motor skills involve using the small muscles of the hands to carry out activities. It can also involve the coordination of the muscles together with the eyes. Our fine motor skills start out as reflexes, and as we grow become purposeful and refined. For a baby, fine motor skills include reaching toward a toy, grasping a toy or bringing hands up to the bottle or breast. Toddlers can use their hands to point to what they want, throw a ball, or pick up a small piece of food. If you have concerns about your child’s fine motor skills, it is important to talk to your child’s pediatrician.

A TEIS occupational therapist can help to support your child’s motor development. Our therapists are knowledgeable in the areas of motor learning. This means that we can coach you on how to facilitate and teach your child to carry out motor tasks like stacking a block or using a spoon. With your input, we will create a program that enhances the routines that you and your child already do together to help develop your child’s muscle strength. We can also provide you with insight about optimal positioning for a particular activity that will help with your child’s success.