Diaper Box

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April 29, 2015
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Diaper Box

How many times do you pick up a box of diapers from Target or Sam’s Club, only to toss it out in the weekly trash when the diapers are gone? WAIT! Save that box! There are so many FUN things we can do with it! Don’t toss it, reuse it.

We spend hundreds of dollars on educational and developmentally appropriate toys for our young children. We just want them to learn and grow and have fun! But, think about the things that they choose to play with? Pots and pans, measuring cups and wooden spoons, laundry baskets…to the point that I have to argue with a child to get mine back!

The great part about using a diaper box is that once it’s destroyed, you can toss it and not feel guilty! So, what would a toddler want to do with a cardboard box? Here are some fun ideas!


My Sydney loves to color on the inside of the box. Markers or crayons, it makes no difference! She also loves to load up her stuffed animals in the box and take them on a ride. Often times, she will climb IN to the box and ask me to push her in her “car”….think about it…the developmental skills a child can work on just doing this activity:

  • Cognitive– dramatic play, acting out what they see you do when you drive!
  • Communication – vocabulary, environmental sounds (car, truck, beep beep, vroom, stop, go, fast, slow)
  • Gross Motor – climbing into and out of the box, balance, weight bearing on one foot to lift the other
  • Fine Motor – coloring with crayons
  • Social/Emotional – asking for help, needing another play partner to push or pull!

How about just pushing the box around the house? For a new walker or an “almost” walker, that’s lots of fun! Or kneeling at the box and pushing on their knees.

You can turn the box over and use it to prop up a toy, or use it as a little table for coloring.

Squat to pick things up off the floor, and drop into the box…it’s squats for toddlers! Think of how much of a workout that can be for us!

So, don’t throw out that diaper box! Think “outside the box” for play! Reuse, enjoy and have fun!


What other materials have you “reused” for your child to play in or play with? Tell us here!